Prof. Dr. Mustafa SOFİKERİM | Urology

Critical age in prostate cancer!

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sofikerim, urologist, made a statement about 'World Prostate Day'. Associate Professor Sofikerim said that the prostate is a secretor gland found in every man and has an important role on reproductive function, and added:

"There are some diseases of the prostate as well as every organ, including prostatitis, benign prostate enlargement and prostate cancer. According to World Health Organization data, benign prostate enlargement, which is 40 percent in the 50-60 age range, is 70 percent with 60s. The American Cancer Society, a member of the American Association of Urology, offers men who have a family history of prostate cancer should start having regular check-ups as of 40 years of age. He also recommends a yearly rectal examination and control of the serum PSA level at the age of 45 years."