Prof. Dr. Mustafa SOFİKERİM | Urology

Robotic Surgery Has Been in ACIBADEM Kayseri Since January 2016

Acıbadem  hospital Urology specialist Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Sofikerim informed about robotic surgery and stated that robotic surgery is more advantageous for the patient. Sofikerim stated that they had been applying this method and making Robotic surgery in Acıbadem  hospital since January of 2016.

Acıbadem  hospital Urology specialist Assoc.Prof.Mustafa Sofikerim, who gave information about the subject, stated that robotic surgery is the most common technology used today and it is an advantage for patients. He stated that as of January 2016, Sofikerim Acıbadem  Hospital started to use robotic surgery.
Robotic surgery is clearly defined as parasopic surgery with the help of a robot. Paraskopic surgery with the help of robot is performed with the same parascopic surgery principles, but it is necessary to specify the surgery as a surgical procedure. Of course, there are a lot of advantages in the latest technology robotic surgery and it can be considered as the most advanced technology in renal surgery today. Here, we are talking about the advantages like ease of operation, safe surgery, patient safety, and the image quality is very high and the direction and angle of movement of the hand tools is much superior. In parallel, we can provide advantages such as lower complication rates, safer and better surgery, better response, reduced hospital stay, pain relief and scarring. As of January 2016, robotic surgery has started in Kayseri Acıbadem Hospital.