Prof. Dr. Mustafa SOFİKERİM | Urology

Robotic Surgical Period Has Started

Advanced robotic surgery operations have been launched in Acıbadem  Kayseri Hospital under “Da Vinci”. Acıbadem  Kayseri Hospital specialists provided information in the press meeting regarding robotic surgery operations launched in our city for the first time, and patients who operated with "Robotic Surgery" shared their own experiences with the media representatives.
The participants of the press meeting, organized at Acıbadem  Hospital in order to introduce ‘Da Vinci´ robotic surgery to the people living in the city, included Hospital Chief Physician and Director Ömer Akbeyaz, General Surgery Specialist Dr. Can Küçük, Urology Specialist Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sofikerim, Gynecology Specialist Dr. Bülent Özçelik and Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Tansel Türkoğlu and they shared the importance of robotic surgery in their fields with the citizens.

In his opening speech of the meeting, Ömer Akbeyaz, the Hospital Chief Physician and Director, stated that the people of Kayseri first met robotic surgery in Kayseri and added, “As the people of Kayseri, we are both proud and happy to launch robotic surgery in our city. Robotic surgery is the most advanced method of surgery. Acıbadem  offers these advanced methods to patients. The hospital also gives trainings in this area. We have specialists in robotic surgery around the world. These specialists, under the umbrella of Acıbadem  University, provide robotic surgery training, thus putting effort to raise the number of specialists doing robotic surgery. Hundreds of specialists have been given robotic surgery training and relevant training activities are still going on.

Taking the stage after Akbeyaz, the chief physician, Dr. Mustafa Sofikerim underlined the fact that urogenesis is the most common area of ​​robotic surgery and emphasized that the reason for this is that urology operations are extremely sensitive operations and added, “Thanks to its twelve-fold enlarged high image quality and its system to make turns of 540° of Da Vinci, it is possible to make excellent sutures and protect the nerves and veins in the area much better than other methods.”

Highlighting that one of the widest areas of use for Da Vinci robotic surgery is General Surgery, Specialist. Dr. Can Küçük said that robotic surgery can be performed with the help of robot laparoscopic surgery and that all operations in general surgery can be performed by laparoscopy. General surgery is one of the fields mostly affected by this revolutionary development in surgery.