Prof. Dr. Mustafa SOFİKERİM | Urology

Surgical Treatment of Prostate Cancer

It has been reported that a patient with prostate cancer has recovered from surgery by laparoscopic radical prostatectomy surgery in Kayseri.

According to a written statement from Acıbadem  Kayseri Hospital, Mustafa Teyrek (66), who was diagnosed with prostate cancer about 2 months ago, applied to Acıbadem  Kayseri Hospital Urology Specialist Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sofikerim.
After the analyses, it was found that the patient had prostate cancer at the local stage (excluding the prostate).
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sofikerim provided the following information about the patient:

"The most successful method in this type of surgical operations is radical prostatectomy. This operation is not a closed prostate surgery known to the public. It is an operation that completely removes the prostate and its appendages applied in prostate cancer. This operation is performed by experienced physicians in this method, which is an important factor in success. Our surgery method is laparoscopic radical prostatectomy which is widely applied in recent years. We do the operation on the abdomen, entering from 5 holes, each of which is 1 centimeters in width. These operations are performed in certain centers in Turkey. Our surgery on this patient took 3.5 hours and he stayed 4 days in the hospital. The recovery period is much shorter than the open operation. After the operation, our patient will come to the control periodically. He got over the early recovery period of the surgery healthy and fast. He will return to normal life in 2-3 weeks."

Stressing that men over 50 years old should have a prostate examination once a year, get their blood PSA (prostate spalific antigen) values checked ​​and have prostate cancer screening, Sofikerim also highlighted that the best way to get rid of the most common type of cancer in men is the early diagnosis and treatment is emphasized importance.

Mustafa Teyrek, the patient, stated that he was happy to have recovered his health and added:
"When I learned that I was cancer, I became pessimistic, but my surgery and recovery process was smooth and successful. I would like to thank Dr. Mustafa Sofikerim and Acıbadem  Kayseri Hospital who successfully performed my operation."