Prof. Dr. Mustafa SOFİKERİM | Urology

What is Prostate?

It is located in the lower part of the bladder in the beginning part of the urinary canal called urethra. It is not found in women. Its function is to create an area in which the urinary canal and semen channels are combined. It closes the semen channels during urine flow. It closes the urine channels during the arrival of semen. Thus, although the urine and semen from the same channel do not interfere with each other. The prostate gland also facilitates the growth of semen fluid by secreting some protective minerals and enzymes on the journey of the sperm to the egg.

Another function of the prostate is to prevent the introduction of bacteria into the body by means of bacteria-inhibiting fluids. Therefore, urinary tract infection, which is frequently seen in women, is very rare in men.