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Kidney Cancer Treatment

Kidney Cancer Awareness

Kidney Cancer Knowing the symptoms and understanding the risk factors is of great importance in order to give due importance to general kidney health. Early diagnosis can greatly increase the success of treatment for serious health problems such as kidney cancer. At this point, regular health checks are a vital step in order to detect potential risks early and intervene in treatment processes more quickly and effectively.


Kidney Cancer Treatment

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Kidney cancer treatment may consist of methods such as surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Surgery is the most common option for removing cancer. Radiotherapy kills cancer cells using high-energy radiation. Chemotherapy uses drugs to slow or kill the growth of cancer cells. Immunotherapy is treated with drugs that enable the immune system to recognize and destroy cancer cells.

Kidney Cancer Treatment

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Kidney Cancer Treatment
Post-Treatment Recovery Process

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The postoperative recovery period may vary from patient to patient. During the recovery process, factors such as length of hospital stay, activity level, eating habits and medication use are closely monitored. Check-ups are done to monitor the likelihood of cancer recurrence and to assess response to treatment. 

Frequently asked Questions

Kidney cancer does not cause symptoms in the early stages. However, as cancer progresses, symptoms such as back pain, bloody urine, weight loss and fatigue may be observed.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet and avoiding harmful habits such as smoking can reduce the risk of cancer.

Factors such as side effects of treatment, recovery process and psychological effects can affect the patient's quality of life.

After kidney cancer treatment is completed, it is possible, although rare, for the cancer to recur. Regular doctor checkups are important to monitor the possibility of cancer recurrence.

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