Penile Shock Wave Therapy – ESWT

Penile Shock Wave Therapy-ESWT

Erection problems are among the biggest problems of men. Nowadays, one in every 3 to 4 men has erection problems. penis shock wave therapy ESWT treatment is used to support the formation of new vessels in different points of the penis and to correct the problem of impotence.

ESWT, also called shock wave therapy, is based on focusing the shock waves obtained by high-pressure sound waves created outside the body, on the desired area of the body via an applicator. In the treatment, applications are made to different points of the penis to support the formation of new vessels to achieve permanent improvement. It is aimed to increase blood circulation in the area where the discomfort occurs.

The inability to achieve or maintain sufficient penile erection for sexual intercourse is defined as erectile dysfunction. Nowadays, with increasing scientific studies, ESWT Shock wave therapy is promising for patients suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Penile Shock Wave Therapy

What is Penile Shock Wave Therapy?

Shock waves used in the treatment of kidney stone crushing are used to increase the circulatory capacity of small vessels in heart failure with technological developments. Today, ESWT is also used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, which is a vascular disease of the penis. It allows patients with erection problems to reach their previous performance by ensuring a continuous and permanent increase in the amount of blood flowing to the penis through low-intensity stimulation of the vessels.

Shock waves applied to the patient's penis allow the blood vessels in the penis to dilate. penis shock wave therapy It increases the amount of blood that enables erection and treats vascular-related erection problems. The biggest advantage of penile shock wave therapy is that it appeals to a wide range of patients and provides permanent results in suitable patients.

Who Can Have Penile Shock Wave Therapy?

ESWT treatment can be applied for patients looking for a permanent solution to erectile dysfunction. Penile shock wave therapy provides improvement in patients who take oral medications due to erection problems and who do not respond adequately to oral medications.

  • cardiovascular patients,
  • Those with a history of heart attack,
  • Those with high blood pressure,
  • Patients with vascular problems due to diabetes,
  • Those with peripheral artery occlusion,
  • Penile shock wave therapy is applied to patients with erectile dysfunction due to chronic smoking and excess weight.

What are the Causes of Female Infertility?

Nowadays, depending on the changing living conditions, the age of marriage is increasing day by day. Even couples who marry at an early age avoid having children before reaching a certain standard of living. The number of couples who decide to have children between the ages of 30 and 40 and even after 40 is also increasing. According to research, of women over 35 years of age infertility problem is encountered. The problem of infertility is encountered at younger ages. Apart from age, the causes of infertility in women can be listed as follows;

  • Ovaries are not healthy,
  • Weakness of the ovaries in terms of ovarian sales,
  • excessive weight gain,
  • excessive weight loss,
  • Smoking and alcohol use,
  • Multiple miscarriages,
  • Tubes are blocked,
  • Factors such as intense stress are among the causes of infertility in women.

What are the Causes of Male Infertility?

The inability to have children is caused by men as well as women. The causes of infertility in men can be listed as follows;

  • Decreased sperm quality in the testicles,
  • Alcohol and cigarette use,
  • Low sperm count,
  • diabetes disease,
  • Enlargement of testicular veins (varicocele),
  • Factors such as inflammatory disorders in the sexual organs are among the causes of infertility in men.

How Is ESWT Used in the Treatment of Erection Difficulty?

Penile shock wave therapy aims to provide a permanent solution to the problem of impotence by supporting the formation of new vessels in different points of the penis. The treatment takes approximately 20 minutes and consists of 6 - 12 sessions. A total of 1500 shock waves are applied at 5 different points in the treatment.

  • When ESWT shock wave therapy is applied for erectile dysfunction, the power of the shock waves transmitted ESWT is kept at lower levels than treatments.
  • To apply shock wave therapy, the penis is coated with a special gel. Usually different areas of the penis are targeted.
  • In each session, 3 to 6 designated areas on the stretched penis are treated in a few minutes. A session usually lasts 15 – 20 minutes.
  • While the treatment continues, patients may experience tingling in the applied area. The application is painless.
  • The patient may experience a tingling sensation in the area immediately after application.
  • It is a much more natural process that will restore the ability to have an erection compared to other treatment methods.

In which diseases is Penile Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) used?

Penile shock wave therapy, which was inspired by lithotripsy devices generally used in the treatment of kidney stones, has started to be used in the treatment of impotence in recent years. Shock wave is used in the treatment of pain and deformity in the penis and in the treatment of chronic prostate infection. ESWT is also used in the treatment of heel spurs, tennis and golfer's elbow diseases.

Penile Shock Wave Therapy – ESWT

What are the success rates in ESWT treatment?

Used in the treatment of erection problems ESWT It can be applied to every patient. Better results are obtained in patients who respond to oral medications or injection therapy for erectile dysfunction. Shock wave therapy aims to create new blood vessels. It is recommended to be applied first in patients with vascular problems. No pain is felt during application. Shock wave treatment is a painless procedure and there is no need for anesthesia or painkillers during the application.

What are the Advantages of Shock Wave Therapy?

Shock wave therapy, which has become prominent in erection treatment in recent years, offers many advantages to the patient;

  • Since the application is made at low intensity, the patient does not feel pain, but the effective dose is applied.
  • It is an outpatient treatment method, the treatment process does not require hospitalization.
  • Since it is not a surgical method, anesthesia is not applied,
  • If the problem recurs again, the treatment can be applied again.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is Penile Shock Wave Therapy?

Penile shock wave therapy; It is applied in the treatment of vascular-related erection problems, which allows the erection to occur and is maintained and increases the amount of blood.

02. How Long Does Penile Shock Wave Therapy Take?

It is applied in the treatment of erection problems. It consists of 12 sessions in total.