Advantages of HoLEP Surgery

Advantages of HoLEP Surgery

Prostate disorders negatively affect individuals' standard of living. For this reason, new generation techniques have been developed today. HoLEP surgery advantages It is a prominent treatment method. It allows patients to return to their social lives in a short time. Prostate treatment is performed using advanced laser technology. For this reason, it is preferred by many physicians.

In addition to causing physiological effects in patients, prostate enlargement also directly affects mental health. It causes damage to business life and private relationships. The inner tissue of the prostate is intervened through a closed surgical technique. Using the laser method, the prostate is prevented from pressing on the bladder.

Advantages of HoLEP Surgery

What are the advantages of HoLEP Surgery?

With the HoLEP technique, the intervened area is prevented from damaging the urinary tract. Thus, there will be no urinary incontinence problem after the operation. The functions of tissues exposed to laser beams are not damaged. Sexual function problems do not occur in men. Another advantage is that the possibility of bleeding is very low. While the prostate tissues are intervened, the surrounding areas are protected.

It is known to be performed safely on all prostates of all sizes. At the same time, a positive improvement in urination is observed. Finally HoLEP surgery advantages, It also includes the recovery period. Hospitalization takes less time than other surgical methods. It offers a more comfortable recovery process to people receiving treatment.

Advantages of HoLEP Surgery

How is HoLEP Surgery Performed?

Procedures are performed under general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia. It is entered through the urinary tract using special equipment equipped with a camera. The area where prostate enlargement is observed is treated with laser. The tissue transferred into the bladder is broken down with the help of vacuum and taken out of the body. Finally, the patient is directed to the necessary analysis to determine whether there are cancer cells or not.

How Many Days Does HoLEP Surgery Take to Heal?

The person's catheter is removed the next day after the operation. Then, if the specialist physician performing the procedures deems it appropriate, discharge procedures can begin. Only patients of advanced age and those with chronic diseases are kept under observation for an extra day.

There is no problem in sexual functions. Laser application touches a very small depth in millimeters. Therefore, the nerves and tissues that provide erection are not negatively affected. HoLEP surgery advantages For your questions about the healing process, you can contact our team to get detailed information.