After Laparoscopy Surgery

After Laparoscopy Surgery

It is a surgical operation and is generally used for diagnosis and treatment of the organs in the abdominal area. This method is performed through a thin tube into which a small camera and surgical instruments are placed. After laparoscopy surgeryMany diseases such as cysts, tumors, appendicitis, gallbladder problems and endometriosis are eliminated. It is also a more advanced technique than open surgery. It is preferred by patients due to advantages such as less pain and faster recovery time.

Period After Laparoscopy Surgery

You will be discharged from the hospital within a few days after the procedure. It is normal for complaints such as pain, swelling and gas pain to occur after the operation. These side effects subside within a few days. After the surgery, you must follow the recommendations of the specialist physician. He or she can give you advice on activities you should pay attention to during the day in order to have a positive impact on recovery.

It is very important to keep the procedure area clean to prevent infection. You must follow the rules of hygiene to prevent your wounds from getting infected. You can return to your normal routines as part of the recovery process. However, it is beneficial to avoid heavy work and exercise. Carefully following your doctor's instructions and recommendations will have a positive impact on the treatment.

After Laparoscopy SurgeryAdvantages of Laparoscopy Surgery

After laparoscopy surgeryLess pain occurs compared to normal surgery. Therefore, the need for painkillers after surgery is reduced. Because it is less invasive, the hospital stay is shorter. Therefore, it is possible for the patient to return to daily life more quickly.

Laparoscopic surgery is performed by making only small incisions. Therefore, post-operative scars are smaller and less noticeable. It causes less bleeding than normal surgery. It carries less risk of infection compared to traditional surgical methods. It is noted that thanks to new generation techniques, pre-treatment complaints have decreased significantly.

Since the laparoscopy operation is performed with fewer incisions, the recovery process is faster. It is possible for the patient to return to daily life more quickly. At the same time, people experience fewer intestinal problems. The patient's digestive system works faster. It is noted that bowel movements have become more normal.

Laparoscopic surgical intervention technique can be used in many types of surgery. Therefore, the benefits of surgery may vary depending on the type of disease and how invasive the surgery is. Moreover after laparoscopy surgery The healing process is also determined by these factors. You can contact us for more information.