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Bladder Cancer

Be Aware of Bladder Cancer!

Bladder CancerIt usually does not cause symptoms in its early stages. However, it is vital to take action quickly when symptoms occur that need to be carefully monitored. Symptoms such as blood in the urine, frequent urination, burning or pain during urination may be signs of bladder cancer. Risk factors include smoking, older age, chemical exposure and family history. Considering these risk factors, regular health checks are a critical step for early diagnosis.


Bladder Cancer Treatment

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Using the latest technologies in the treatment of bladder cancer, a personalized treatment plan is prepared according to the stage of the disease. By choosing the most appropriate one among surgical intervention, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted treatments, patients are helped to fight their cancer. With early diagnosis and treatment, patients' chances increase. Our healthcare professionals support our patients at every stage and aim to get the best results during the treatment process.

Bladder Cancer

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Bladder Cancer
Post-Treatment Recovery Process

Challenge bladder cancer!

After treatment, patients are supported by healthcare professionals, physiotherapists and other healthcare team members throughout their recovery process. During the recovery process, regular follow-ups and check-ups are important and a healthy lifestyle is recommended. Increasing physical activity, eating healthy and having a supportive social environment helps patients return to a healthy life.

Bladder Cancer

Bladder Cancer Awareness Month

The month of May is celebrated as bladder cancer awareness month. During this month, events are organized to raise awareness about bladder cancer and draw attention to the importance of this disease in society. Its aim is for the public to understand the importance of early diagnosis and treatment by learning the symptoms and risk factors of bladder cancer. It is supported by seminars, campaigns, events and other awareness activities.

Frequently asked Questions

Symptoms may include pain or a burning sensation when urinating, frequent urination, bloody urine, urinary tract infections, and inability to stop urinating.

To diagnose bladder cancer, doctors often use urine tests, urinary tract imaging tests, biopsies, and other medical tests.

To reduce the risk of bladder cancer, it is important to stop smoking, adopt a healthy lifestyle and avoid bladder cancer risk factors. It is also recommended to regularly take preventive measures against urinary tract infections.

Life expectancy for bladder cancer may vary depending on the stage of the cancer, treatment options, and the patient's overall health. With early diagnosis and treatment, patients' chances increase.

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