Names of Computer Programs Used in Hospitals

Names of Computer Programs Used in Hospitals

Physicians and healthcare professionals obtain various data during examination. Recently, including advanced software systems and Names of computer programs used in hospitals stands out. It makes patient follow-up in healthcare institutions more comprehensive and reliable. These programs are used to manage medical records management, hospital administration, patient care, medical imaging, laboratory test results, medical billing, and more.

What are the names of computer programs used in hospitals?

It is very important to keep data recorded electronically compared to traditional methods. It is especially preferred in terms of saving energy and time. The most common patient registration programs that continue to develop day by day are:

1. Electronic Health Record System – used to record and store patients' medical history.
2. Radiology Information System – used for radiological imaging tests.
3. Medical Imaging Information System – used to view, store and share medical imaging tests.

Hospital Automation System4. Hospital Information System – used for hospital management and business management.
5. Laboratory Information System – used for management and reporting of laboratory test results.
6. Medical Billing System – Names of computer programs used in hospitals It is also used for medical billing and financial management of clinics.
7. Appointment and Queue Tracking System – used for patients to make appointments and manage queue tracking.

With the mentioned programs and systems, it helps to increase the efficiency of operations in hospitals and improve the care of patients. It is effective in planning and maintaining treatment in line with the person's complaints. He also takes part in managing the financial processes of the practices.

Hospital Automation Systems and Online Hippocrates

With the online Hippocrates patient tracking program, the administrative procedures you carry out within the institution have become easier. Approved by the Ministry of Health and with e-Pulse integration, you can access the panel from any point you want. It makes medical procedures more effective by displaying patients' information in a short time. With an interface compatible with devices such as tablets, phones and laptops Names of computer programs used in hospitals It has become preferred among