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Prostate cancer

Protect Your Health, Secure Your Future

Prostate cancer, It is a threat that can affect men's health and quality of life. Conscious and regular health checks and early diagnosis can create an effective defense mechanism against this type of cancer. Let's not forget that success in the fight against prostate cancer is possible with an informed approach and early action. Value your health, secure your future.

Prostate Cancer Treatment

A Checkup Saves Lives

During the treatment process, expert doctors use the latest technologies to treat patients with minimal discomfort. Treatment options may include surgery, radiotherapy, hormone therapy and chemotherapy. After treatment, patients can return to their normal lives in a short time. Specialist doctors and healthcare teams support patients every step of the way and help them live a healthy life.

Prostate cancer

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sofikerim

Prostate cancer can occur at any age. Take precautions to protect yourself.

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Prostate cancer
Post-Treatment Recovery Process

Fight against prostate cancer, protect your future.

After treatment, patients recover quickly. In the post-treatment period, specialist doctors and medical teams provide care tailored to the needs of patients. The healing process may vary depending on the patient's age, general health and treatment method, but is usually rapid and successful. After treatment, patients can return to their normal lives and live a healthy life.

15 April

Prostate Cancer Awareness Day

April 15 has been designated as Prostate Cancer Awareness Day. This day is celebrated worldwide to raise awareness about the early diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, to encourage men to be knowledgeable about prostate health, and to raise awareness about the prevalence of prostate cancer.


Frequently asked Questions

Prostate cancer can be diagnosed through blood tests and physical examination. A biopsy may also be required.

Prostate cancer treatment is possible. If caught in the early stages, treatment can be extremely successful.

It is important to make healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle changes during treatment.

Yes, prostate cancer can be diagnosed early. It is important for men to have regular checkups and blood tests.

Prostate cancer

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