What is Hydrocele Disease?

What is Hydrocele Disease?

It is a condition characterized by abnormal fluid accumulation in the scrotum. hydrocele disease It usually occurs around the testicles. It may cause symptoms such as swelling, a feeling of heaviness, or discomfort. It is usually painless. It may occur due to reasons such as trauma, infection or lymph drainage problems. It is a condition that does not require surgical intervention, but if the symptoms are severe, surgical treatment may be required.

What are the Symptoms of Hydrocele Disease?

What is Hydrocele Disease?It may usually be marked by swelling on one or both sides of the scrotum. This swelling is usually painless. There may be a feeling of heaviness in the scrotum along with swelling. Although it is painless, in some cases mild discomfort or tenderness in the scrotum may be felt. Although the testicles are of normal size, they appear larger due to fluid accumulation in the scrotum.

Swelling may become more noticeable when there is an increase in the amount of fluid accumulated in the scrotum. hydrocele disease It is usually not a serious health problem. It does not require surgical intervention. However, if there is a sudden increase in swelling, pain, or other abnormalities, it is important to consult a urologist. These symptoms may indicate a serious medical condition.

What Causes Hydrocele?

hydrocele disease It usually occurs during birth. Fluid accumulation occurs in the scrotum of babies. This may be caused by some of the membranes around the scrotum not closing. It may tend to resolve spontaneously during birth or may require surgical intervention. In rare cases, it can lead to infections in the scrotum. It may also occur as a result of trauma to the scrotum.

Some conditions, such as cervical cancer and cancer of the lymph nodes, affect the fluid balance in the body. It may cause the formation of the disease. It may cause blockage of the ducts in the scrotum or a problem in the glands. It is usually harmless and does not cause symptoms. However, it is usually noticed by a swelling or fullness in the scrotum. If hydrocele disease If it causes symptoms, it should be checked by a doctor.

Hydrocele Disease Treatment Methods

What is Hydrocele Disease?In mild cases, if there are no symptoms, the doctor can only keep the patient under observation. Sometimes it can heal on its own. In needle aspiration, the doctor drains hydrocele fluid using a needle. Then he injects a substance called a sclerosant. Sclerotherapy prevents fluid from accumulating again by irritating the inner surface. Hydrocele surgery involves complete removal of the hydrocele sac. This may reduce the chance of a hydrocele recurring. Laparoscopic or open surgical methods can be used. hydrocele disease It is sometimes associated with enlarged veins called varicocele.

In this case, the varicocele may also need to be corrected during hydrocele surgery. In cases where it is caused by an underlying infection, doctors may recommend antibiotic treatment. In some cases, if the cause is blocked tubes, a hydrostatless (drainage tube) bypass can be created. The choice of treatment is determined by the cause, the patient's general health condition, and the severity of the symptoms. hydrocele disease It is necessary to determine the most appropriate treatment options for your situation. For this, it is important to see a urologist.